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LUXURY – Doesn’t it feel nice rolling off your tongue? Luxury belongs to things like happiness, beauty, style which are difficult to explain and even more difficult to explain…  We hear or read about terms like “luxury lifestyle”, “luxury homes” etc often used by best interior designers. What does it really mean? Today the perception of luxury in interiors has changed to what it used to be years ago.


In other words we can say attention to detail. When it comes to luxury, building a relationship between a customer and a product is crucial and it requires a great deal of care and attention. Even the things that go unseen needs to be considered and executed to the finest and highest quality possible. And it’s not just the item or experience in question that needs to be perfectly executed, it’s also the way it’s delivered, which is why exceptional customer service is so important in the high class market.


There is no set formula to create luxury interiors or any hard and fast rule to be followed. It’s just that everybody wants that their home should look unique, decorated with one-of-a-kind objects that no one else has. To achieve that people are shifting to small boutiques or local artisans from big brands. In order to be truly luxurious, a piece has to be rare or wholly unique. If it is mass produced or something that everyone can have, then it loses its charm. This is the reason that today people hire the top interior designers to get their homes, spaces uniquely designed as per their taste and choices.


We’re always going to feel drawn toward spaces that make us feel pampered. It’s natural. Our brains are wired that way. Today no one will buy thing just because it is super popular, if they don’t like it. Everyone want their house to be built and decorated according to their needs and taste, it should speak and convey their style and individuality. In this sense even if it means custom-anything: from custom furniture to custom lampshades.

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Sometimes a handmade candle, a bowl thrown by a local potter or a hand-knit blanket is luxurious. Even if you can’t afford an exorbitant lifestyle, you can still seek out the qualities that make products luxurious. Perhaps it won’t be the same kind of luxury as a private yacht or a spa center in bathroom, but if it’s delivering the key components that make you feel that you’re buying something truly special, then that’s luxurious enough. Today there is no certain definition of luxury: everybody has his own understanding of it. In other words luxury is freedom to live the life you want!!! So keep living a luxury life.